Performa P1 HMX 1/10 Controller 2S

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Radical Concept
Performa is a brand for Elite Racers. Our goal is to produce the best 1/10 scale racing controllers and re-define the racer experience with a radical “next level” controller. With the Performa Racing HMX 1/10 we are proud to demonstrate that we have achieved our goal.

The Performa 1/8 controller is today a must-have item to compete in 1/8 scale Buggy because of its simplicity, smoothness and high performances. Now, Performa has adapted that simplicity to 1/10 scale electric racing. Controllers used recently in 1/10 racing have hundreds (even thousands) of complex settings. While trying to understand and adjust the complex settings, many racers get lost and end up with tuning that is below optimal performance. 

The new Performa HMX 1/10 controllers feature simplified settings. Using our new concept, you select from 4 different pre-defined settings based on the track condition. No need to have a complex program box or a computer. The 4 settings have been tuned by our engineering team together with our World Champion Drivers to deliver maximum performance and simplicity. You can change the settings by simply pressing a button on the switch. For racers that want to dig deeper and fine tune the settings, we will offer Performa PC software that will allow you to change the parameters, within guidelines that ensure you don’t get lost and keep you in the optimal performance range. 

Radical Solutions
The Performa HMX 1/10 Controller is designed and manufactured without compromise. Each controller is assembled in Geneva Switzerland, it is a high-end unit produced in limited quantities for Elite Racers. The circuit boards are made in one of the most sophisticated factories, every board is scanned using laser analyzing devices for each soldering joint and every component. The all-aluminum case has been designed for minimum footprint and optimized cooling. Performa external capacitors have been chosen to obtain Radical Performance. Featuring 1 board of 2 Panasonic capacitors to provide radical “next level” performance.

Radical Testing
The Performa Racing HMX 1/10 Controllers have been tested for more than five years by our engineering team, and for a year by David Ronnefalk and Jorn Neumann.


  • Performa Radical Modified and Blinky programs included
  • World Championship winning controller technology
  • 100% sensored mode with advanced technology
  • Optimized FET management by a 32-bit microprocessor
  • High quality components
  • Dual sensor ports 
  • Alloy double anodized multi-color lightweight case with optimized airflow
  • Low resistance
  • Heavy copper circuits for higher power
  • Compatible with all motors on the market
  • Optional 30mm brushless cooling fan available
  • 1/10
Continuous Current:
  • Brake
  • Forward
  • Sensor
  • Brushless

Instruction Manual (190712_Manual_ESC_Performa_1_10.pdf, 2,474 Kb) [Download]

PC-Software (, 2,364 Kb) [Download]

Firmware V1.16 (, 2,419 Kb) [Download]