For owners of the PA9375 Performa P1 HMX 1/8 Controller or the related motor/ESC combos (PA9349, PA9350, PA9351):

Read the Important Notes of the developers first: Important Information (performa_hmx_firmware_manual.pdf, 1,029 Kb)

Download the Instruction Manual: Instruction Manual (Performa_P1_HMX_18_Manual.pdf, 2,942 Kb)

Download the PC Software for the ESC: Download

Download the latest firmware: Firmware V3.13 (, 3,400 Kb)

    • Fix motor “jump” issues when powering up the ESC when using certain transmitter/receiver configurations.
    • Important update for those experiencing the issue, recommended update even for those who might not experience the issue.
    • Update by connecting the ESC to a Windows PC using a USB cable and using the upgrade firmware function of the PC app.

For owners of the PA9347 Performa P1 HMX Controller 250 A Sensor, 2S:

Download the Instruction Manual: Instruction Manual (190712_Manual_ESC_Performa_1_10.pdf, 2,474 Kb)

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