David Ronnefalk wins 2019 Pro E-Buggy using Performa Motor and ESC

by Lorenz S

Congratulations on your victory at the 2019 Dirt Nitro Challenge using a brand new Performa P1 1/8 Radical 1900KV brushless motor and a prototype ESC! Can we ask you a few questions about your win with the new equipment?

Performa - This was your first race using Performa Racing electronics. How was it?

David Ronnefalk - I can only say it was just AMAZING. The Performa package with the new 1900KV motor and prototype ESC made my race a lot easier as it delivered such a smooth power band and brake feeling. This was really needed on a track like this as it was so incredibly rough and you had to be perfect on the line to navigate around the bumps. This new Performa ESC is definitely next level and by far the best I have ever had in a 1/8 ebuggy. It rivals the feeling you have with a 1/10 ESC, and until now nothing for 1/8 cars has been close to that feeling.

Performa - What was the key advantage the new Performa brushless motor and ESC gave you?

David Ronnefalk - Definitely the smooth throttle control, it was the key to be able to put the car where you wanted out there. Also being able to clear some of the huge jumps required you to have big power and precise control.

Performa - Can you explain the advantage of the magnet sensor port of this new motor?

David Ronnefalk - The magnet sensor port gives much better feeling on throttle and brake, a feeling that you haven’t been able to get with a sensor-less ESC. You also have a good range of setup so you can adjust it to your liking together with the new ESC.

Performa - Tell us about the prototype 1/8 brushless ESC. How was the feeling and punch?

David Ronnefalk - I have used it at a few different tracks during testing and it seems like when you find a good feeling that suits your driving style, you can pretty much leave it. Then it is just a matter of power or maybe adjusting brake force. For the power you can play around with pinions or you can go bigger or smaller on the motor. However the feeling of the ESC itself is next level, and you basically have the same fine adjustments as you have in a 1/10 ESC, which is really cool. I can’t wait for the ESC to be released as I’m sure all the customers will absolutely love it.

Performa - Any general comments about the new Performa Racing brand?

David Ronnefalk - It's very exciting for me to be a part of a new brand like Performa. I will be working very close to the developing group to make sure we bring the best possible product to the market. There are many ideas and plans with this brand so hopefully you will join us on the ride!

Check out David's winning motor!


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