HB Race Days report

by Lorenz S

Race report from Håkan Berg:

This past weekend Hampus went to France for the first HB Race Days, held at the amazing racetrack ARCF42. Hampus prepared both cars, the D819 was just a "normal" race prep since he already have the car in good shape from the worlds in Australia.

For the E817 V2 Hampus only built the chassis at home, the brand new Performa P1 HMX 1900 combo was waiting for him at the track Friday morning. Hampus was super excited to test it for the first time, David had told him how smooth and precise it was compared to anything else he has tested, "Game Changer" to quote the Champ.

Hampus packed down his small computer so he was prepared to setup his new HMX combo. When the car was finished we asked for advice to set up the parameters, don't worry just calibrate the throttle and run it default was the message from the team. Yah right was the 1st thoughts.

At the 1st practice run the driving was just there, Hampus just amazed how easy the power was to handle compared to everything he ever used before. Normally the power comes more like on/off in the powerful 1:8 scale combos and tricky to set the jump section precise.

Measured the temp on the ESC and motor in the free practice, after about 15 min run the esc was around 55 deg & the motor about 65 deg. Coming from a winter indoor season with 1:10 scale racing on carpet we were amazed about the low temperatures. Hampus did not change anything on the ESC setting during the whole weekend. To have an ESC combo with this performance and ease to use is for sure a game changer in 1:8 scale Electric racing as someone told us.

We stayed another day to test some more. Hampus words in the headphones during the last laps: "Shit dad, this is so fun and amazing to drive, can't wait to run more at home".