The "Big One" race report

by Lorenz S

This past weekend was held the annual race called "The Big One" at LCRC Raceway in Oakland Mills PA. Race report from Jason Schreffler:

Man, what a crazy weekend at LCRC Raceway. Like always, Kevin and Christa pull out all the stops and the track layout was soo darn awesome. Well, except for the whoops section! LOL. I'm not quite sure where to begin. The race was kind of a blur with running 3 classes. I rarely EVER run Truggy so that made it awfully busy prepping for 3 cars.

Friday practice, I focused soo much on my brand new D819. New cars always need some running in and it certainly proved it. Spending darn near a full hour of driving the car and breaking in an engine... I can't thank Spencerenough for the setup help. I ran my truggy all of 5 minutes and knew after 3 laps, it was darn good. I put it away for qualifying. Same went for my Ebuggy... literally 5 minutes on the Performa Racing Speedo and 1900kv motor, it was soo good, I just set the car aside.

Qualifying on Saturday was a super busy day. Ebuggy and Nitro Truggy, I was able to TQ. Nitro buggy, I qualified 3rd overall. I just couldn't get the darn whoops section with my nitro buggy, but had no issue with the Ebuggy and Truggy. Go figure. LOL

Mains day, man... today was nuts. The weather forecast says one thing, the sky says another. This is one of the first times that LCRC Raceway has had traction levels through the darn roof. Top that with 80+ deg temps and I was not armed with the right compound tires. Nitro buggy up first, I ran R2 Reflex and while the car felt great the first 15 minutes or so, I simply ran out of tread with about 10 minutes left leaving the car quite difficult to be quick. Needed Detoxes!! I had to slow down and be smooth, but even still, a great battle with Adam at the end meant he won out on 2nd place. Spencer made us all look funny. He cashed out.

Nitro Truggy, I was in the same boat. I only had blue Reflex and I knew that wasn't gonna last. I battled with Spence for the first 10 minutes and really drove hard, but I knew the tires wouldn't last. I was on slicks with 15 to go and had to settle for 2nd.

But onto Ebuggy, I knew I had something for the boys here. Blue Triple Dees were my choice and it was risky to go 10 minutes. But it was such the right choice. Spence and I battled for the first couple minutes, but after us both making a couple mistakes, I ended up with a good lead and finished with the W! The new Performa Speedo was soo smooth, it made the car too easy to drive! David Ronnefalk was NOT joking folks. It's not marketing PR, it's the real deal.

If I learned anything bout this weekend, it's bring ALL your darn tires cuz you NEVER know what you're going to need. Sigh... 3 TQs and 3 Wins for the HB Team. And congratulations to Spencer for showing us old guys how slow we are! LOL

I really can't say enough for the folks that helped me out today with pitting and tire suggestions. Mike Rehm, Brian Allen, Carlos Cruz, Paul Ciccarello Oh ya, hey Jay, you did scratch my cooling head!!! LMAO And of course, my sponsors, thank you for letting me play!

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JConcepts Racing Team

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Nitro Buggy: TQ/Winner Spencer Heckert

Nitro Truggy: TQ/Winner Spencer Heckert

Ebuggy: TQ/Winner Jason Schreffler