Hot Race Big Apple Challenge report

by Chris Circus

Jason Schreffler's report:

Ok folks, time for a race report! This past weekend was Rohan Grant's Hot Race Big Apple Challenge and man, it did NOT disappoint! Sorry if it's long winded, it's been a bit.

This race, so far, had to be the most challenging race I've ever attended. The track was fun, but crazy challenging. From the high bite, high abrasion, blown out sections, dust and no dust, the high temps... it had every condition in one track you can think of. I wouldn't have had it any other way!

First, we'll start with Ebuggy. My E817v2 with Performa Speedo, Performa 1900kv motor, and Performa 7700mah battery performed flawlessly from practice, qualifying, and the main. I practiced with the car twice on Friday and literally left it alone. The car felt great and it was all about tires. In qualifying, I was able to TQ the first 2 rounds netting me overall TQ for the main. I ran O2 Blockers for qualifying. In the main, track conditions were way different as it was more blown out and dusty. I used R2 Kosmos. When the tone went off, I was actually kinda fortunate, the pack behind had a little pile up that gave me a clear gap and I just put it on cruise control. I lead wire to wire and finished with the win!

Now onto Nitro Buggy. I spent most of Friday on the nitro car practicing and trying to get it right. Cole was a huge help in throwing stuff to try. Some worked for me, some didn't, but I got the idea of what I could drive vs what he can drive. LOL. In qualifying, it was up and down for me. First round, I was 2nd behind Cole by 7 seconds, which I felt good about that. 2nd and 3rd rounds, I fell back more, still finished 3rd in each of those rounds, but I wasn't confident with my driving. Come Sunday morning, I mounted up some Y2 Stalkers to try and ran them in Semi warm up. I thought they felt great and had a good package for the semi. I couldn't have been more wrong. When the semi started, I went from #2 spot on the grid down to 10th and wasn't making good ground. With it only being 20 minutes, there were no room for mistakes. The tire choice was just plain wrong and it was catching all the ruts and super hard to drive. I put my head down as the car got better as the tires wore and made my way back up to 2nd, which netted me a 4th starting position for the 45 min final. We literally had 20 minutes to prep the cars for the final so a clutch change, quick cleaning and overall health check. I threw on a new set of O2 blockers and hoped I had made the right call. Josh Andrews (my awesome volunteer pit guy!!!) and I were ready for a 45 min battle. At the start of the main, I made a dumb mistake hitting another car, so I stopped and waited as the whole field went by. At which point, there's nowhere to go but forward now. I put my head down and just drove. Josh kept me calm on the headset. Those things really do help being able to talk to your pit guy. By the time the first pit stop, I was up to 3rd! I just drove consistent and tried not to make mistakes and made it up to 2nd. Ya, Cole lapped me twice, but he's paid to do that!!! So I finished up 2nd and a really tough and challenging track. It was a ton of fun.

Honorable mention goes to Brian Allen for bumping from the 1/8 final all the way into the main. The 2nd time this kid has run nitro and had to drive an hour of races before even getting to the 45 minute final. Great job Brian and Carlos!!!!!

Also great seeing some friends I haven't seen in such a long time!

Of course, I couldn't do this without my awesome sponsors. Thanks to everyone for the support and the whole Barnstormers crew for an awesome race!!

HB Racing

Performa Racing


Absolute Hobbyz

Trains and Lanes Hobbyz


Performa P1 Radical 540 Qualified Stock Motors

by Lorenz S

  • Performa Radical Housing - Machined aluminum can with maximum cooling for lowest running temperatures
  • Factory balanced 12.50mm sintered rotor
  • Radical Sensor System - Fully adjustable and replaceable
  • Proprietary Radical Stack - Packed stack for higher power and efficiency
  • Light weight and strong design
  • Oversized precision Ball Bearings for maximum durability and higher RPM
  • Low resistance - Heavy copper soldering tabs for higher power
  • Developed in USA for Stock Racing
  • Motors available for each Spec Class

Qualified Features:

  • Custom built and hand assembled
  • Every Qualified motor comes with a complete Dyno test and a print-out after running the motor on the Motolyser
  • Performa Racing tests and selects the best Stock motors for the “Qualified” series, example: Asymmetry in brushless motors ranges from 0 to 30+. Qualified motors will have Asymmetry no higher than 4,
  • so you never see a rotor higher than a 4 in the "Qualified" series
  • Rotor shimmed for alignment
  • Sensor Board adjustment and timing set


PA9333 Performa Racing P1 Radical 540 Stock Motor 10.5 T "Qualified" EAN: 7630015793333
PA9334 Performa Racing P1 Radical 540 Stock Motor 13.5 T "Qualified" EAN: 7630015793340
PA9335 Performa Racing P1 Radical 540 Stock Motor 17.5 T "Qualified" EAN: 7630015793357
PA9336 Performa Racing P1 Radical 540 Stock Motor 21.5 T "Qualified" EAN: 7630015793364

New Firmware for HMX 8 ESC (PA9375)

by Lorenz S

Owners of the PA9375 Performa P1 HMX 1/8 Controller or the related motor/ESC combos (PA9349, PA9350, PA9351) can now download a new firmware V3.13:

  • Fix motor “jump” issues when powering up the ESC when using certain transmitter/receiver configurations.
  • Important update for those experiencing the issue, recommended update even for those who might not experience the issue.
  • Update by connecting the ESC to a Windows PC using a USB cable and using the upgrade firmware function of the PC app.

Download the latest firmware by clicking here: Firmware V3.13 (, 3,400 Kb)

Performa P1 Radical 540 Modified Motors

by Lorenz S

Performa Racing’s new line of brushless modified motors is setting new standards in high level 1/10 competition racing. Performa Racing technology is unique in terms of performance, power, reliability and exceptional driving control. Being the most powerful motors on the market was the goal for the Performa Racing design team, and improved drivability was also a top priority. Lower lap times will be the evidence of the Radical Performance of Performa Racing motors.

The new Radical ultra-lightweight aluminum housing features maximized cut-outs and openings to increase the cooling surface area and improve airflow for low running temperatures and great consistency. Accurate timing settings allow many setting options in the highly competitive modified racing class. Special Radical magnets balanced on the Performa dual-axis machine create high rpm and low vibration. The Radical motors are equipped with ultra-low resistance soldering and our unique sensor board which is compatible with standard controllers and perfectly matched for the Performa HMX controllers. High quality black and red anodizing and laser etched logos provide a special look for race cars. Available in 5 different windings from the Performa website and all the Performa Racing Partners.


PA9337 Performa P1 Radical 540 Modified Motor 4.5T EAN: 7630015793371
PA9338 Performa P1 Radical 540 Modified Motor 5.5T EAN: 7630015793388
PA9339 Performa P1 Radical 540 Modified Motor 6.5T EAN: 7630015793395
PA9340 Performa P1 Radical 540 Modified Motor 7.5T EAN: 7630015793401
PA9341 Performa P1 Radical 540 Modified Motor 8.5T EAN: 7630015793418

The "Big One" race report

by Chris Circus

This past weekend was held the annual race called "The Big One" at LCRC Raceway in Oakland Mills PA. Race report from Jason Schreffler:

Man, what a crazy weekend at LCRC Raceway. Like always, Kevin and Christa pull out all the stops and the track layout was soo darn awesome. Well, except for the whoops section! LOL. I'm not quite sure where to begin. The race was kind of a blur with running 3 classes. I rarely EVER run Truggy so that made it awfully busy prepping for 3 cars.

Friday practice, I focused soo much on my brand new D819. New cars always need some running in and it certainly proved it. Spending darn near a full hour of driving the car and breaking in an engine... I can't thank Spencerenough for the setup help. I ran my truggy all of 5 minutes and knew after 3 laps, it was darn good. I put it away for qualifying. Same went for my Ebuggy... literally 5 minutes on the Performa Racing Speedo and 1900kv motor, it was soo good, I just set the car aside.

Qualifying on Saturday was a super busy day. Ebuggy and Nitro Truggy, I was able to TQ. Nitro buggy, I qualified 3rd overall. I just couldn't get the darn whoops section with my nitro buggy, but had no issue with the Ebuggy and Truggy. Go figure. LOL

Mains day, man... today was nuts. The weather forecast says one thing, the sky says another. This is one of the first times that LCRC Raceway has had traction levels through the darn roof. Top that with 80+ deg temps and I was not armed with the right compound tires. Nitro buggy up first, I ran R2 Reflex and while the car felt great the first 15 minutes or so, I simply ran out of tread with about 10 minutes left leaving the car quite difficult to be quick. Needed Detoxes!! I had to slow down and be smooth, but even still, a great battle with Adam at the end meant he won out on 2nd place. Spencer made us all look funny. He cashed out.

Nitro Truggy, I was in the same boat. I only had blue Reflex and I knew that wasn't gonna last. I battled with Spence for the first 10 minutes and really drove hard, but I knew the tires wouldn't last. I was on slicks with 15 to go and had to settle for 2nd.

But onto Ebuggy, I knew I had something for the boys here. Blue Triple Dees were my choice and it was risky to go 10 minutes. But it was such the right choice. Spence and I battled for the first couple minutes, but after us both making a couple mistakes, I ended up with a good lead and finished with the W! The new Performa Speedo was soo smooth, it made the car too easy to drive! David Ronnefalk was NOT joking folks. It's not marketing PR, it's the real deal.

If I learned anything bout this weekend, it's bring ALL your darn tires cuz you NEVER know what you're going to need. Sigh... 3 TQs and 3 Wins for the HB Team. And congratulations to Spencer for showing us old guys how slow we are! LOL

I really can't say enough for the folks that helped me out today with pitting and tire suggestions. Mike Rehm, Brian Allen, Carlos Cruz, Paul Ciccarello Oh ya, hey Jay, you did scratch my cooling head!!! LMAO And of course, my sponsors, thank you for letting me play!

HB Racing Team

JConcepts Racing Team

Performa Racing


Absolute Hobbyz

Trains and Lanes Hobbies

Nitro Buggy: TQ/Winner Spencer Heckert

Nitro Truggy: TQ/Winner Spencer Heckert

Ebuggy: TQ/Winner Jason Schreffler

Multiple Time World Champion Ryan Maifield Joins Performa Racing

by Lorenz S

Performa Racing has announced that multiple time World Champion racer Ryan Maifield has signed to campaign their new line of R/C products.

Ryan says of the new sponsorship “I’m extremely impressed with the Performa line of products, the 1/8th electric speed control, motors and batteries are a game changer and have been a huge step forward for my race program, I’m excited to see what comes next from Performa. I will use everything at the silver state for the first time. "

After recent testing Ryan added: "I am very impressed with the brakes of the 1/8 power combo. They are way more powerful - and with a super smooth feeling. What I was impressed the most with was the runtime. WAY more runtime than before!"

- Click on the image to see more products used by Ryan Maifield -

HB Race Days report

by Chris Circus

Race report from Håkan Berg:

This past weekend Hampus went to France for the first HB Race Days, held at the amazing racetrack ARCF42. Hampus prepared both cars, the D819 was just a "normal" race prep since he already have the car in good shape from the worlds in Australia.

For the E817 V2 Hampus only built the chassis at home, the brand new Performa P1 HMX 1900 combo was waiting for him at the track Friday morning. Hampus was super excited to test it for the first time, David had told him how smooth and precise it was compared to anything else he has tested, "Game Changer" to quote the Champ.

Hampus packed down his small computer so he was prepared to setup his new HMX combo. When the car was finished we asked for advice to set up the parameters, don't worry just calibrate the throttle and run it default was the message from the team. Yah right was the 1st thoughts.

At the 1st practice run the driving was just there, Hampus just amazed how easy the power was to handle compared to everything he ever used before. Normally the power comes more like on/off in the powerful 1:8 scale combos and tricky to set the jump section precise.

Measured the temp on the ESC and motor in the free practice, after about 15 min run the esc was around 55 deg & the motor about 65 deg. Coming from a winter indoor season with 1:10 scale racing on carpet we were amazed about the low temperatures. Hampus did not change anything on the ESC setting during the whole weekend. To have an ESC combo with this performance and ease to use is for sure a game changer in 1:8 scale Electric racing as someone told us.

We stayed another day to test some more. Hampus words in the headphones during the last laps: "Shit dad, this is so fun and amazing to drive, can't wait to run more at home".

David Ronnefalk wins 2019 Pro E-Buggy using Performa Motor and ESC

by Lorenz S

Congratulations on your victory at the 2019 Dirt Nitro Challenge using a brand new Performa P1 1/8 Radical 1900KV brushless motor and a prototype ESC! Can we ask you a few questions about your win with the new equipment?

Performa - This was your first race using Performa Racing electronics. How was it?

David Ronnefalk - I can only say it was just AMAZING. The Performa package with the new 1900KV motor and prototype ESC made my race a lot easier as it delivered such a smooth power band and brake feeling. This was really needed on a track like this as it was so incredibly rough and you had to be perfect on the line to navigate around the bumps. This new Performa ESC is definitely next level and by far the best I have ever had in a 1/8 ebuggy. It rivals the feeling you have with a 1/10 ESC, and until now nothing for 1/8 cars has been close to that feeling.

Performa - What was the key advantage the new Performa brushless motor and ESC gave you?

David Ronnefalk - Definitely the smooth throttle control, it was the key to be able to put the car where you wanted out there. Also being able to clear some of the huge jumps required you to have big power and precise control.

Performa - Can you explain the advantage of the magnet sensor port of this new motor?

David Ronnefalk - The magnet sensor port gives much better feeling on throttle and brake, a feeling that you haven’t been able to get with a sensor-less ESC. You also have a good range of setup so you can adjust it to your liking together with the new ESC.

Performa - Tell us about the prototype 1/8 brushless ESC. How was the feeling and punch?

David Ronnefalk - I have used it at a few different tracks during testing and it seems like when you find a good feeling that suits your driving style, you can pretty much leave it. Then it is just a matter of power or maybe adjusting brake force. For the power you can play around with pinions or you can go bigger or smaller on the motor. However the feeling of the ESC itself is next level, and you basically have the same fine adjustments as you have in a 1/10 ESC, which is really cool. I can’t wait for the ESC to be released as I’m sure all the customers will absolutely love it.

Performa - Any general comments about the new Performa Racing brand?

David Ronnefalk - It's very exciting for me to be a part of a new brand like Performa. I will be working very close to the developing group to make sure we bring the best possible product to the market. There are many ideas and plans with this brand so hopefully you will join us on the ride!

Check out David's winning motor!

Performa P1 Radical Sensor System 690 Modified Motors

by Lorenz S

Performa Radical 1/8 motors feature the brand new Radical Sensor System for superior drivability and extreme power. The Radical Sensor System is composed of a separate magnetic ring featuring 4 magnets for sending precise and accurate rotor location to the controller. It also protects the sensor system from being disturbed by inappropriate signals. Performa Radical motors deliver reliable on-track operation and provide a new dimension in 1/8 Racing. Compatible with all controllers. Suitable for 1/8 buggies, SCT and on-road cars.


  • Performa Radical Sensor System to reduce sensor interference and improve feeling
  • World Championship winning motor technology
  • Performa Radical Housing - Machined aluminum can with maximum cooling for lowest running temperatures
  • 100% sensored mode with advanced technology
  • Optimized Hall Sensor System with fail-safe protection to reduce cogging
  • Double insulated high temperature winding wires
  • High quality Japanese competition bearings
  • High-intensity adhesive for optimal winding wire binding to reduce vibration and lower operational temperatures
  • 4 pole NdFeB magnets, EH temp resistant up to 210C, with fiberglass vibration protection
  • Dual sensor wire port with housing dust covers
  • Alloy double anodized multi-color lightweight case with optimized airflow
  • Low resistance - Heavy copper soldering tabs for higher power
  • Japan high quality silicon steel stator
  • Precision dynamically balanced rotor
  • Meets all IFMAR/EFRA/ROAR specs for “690” style motors
  • Compatible with all ESCs on the market
  • Fully rebuildable
  • Optional magnets and tuning parts available

PA9342 Performa P1 1/8 Radical 1900 KV EAN: 7630015793425
PA9343 Performa P1 1/8 Radical 2100 KV EAN: 7630015793432
PA9344 Performa P1 1/8 Radical 2500 KV EAN: 7630015793449

New Radical Nitro Engines with ABI World Champion Tuning

by Lorenz S

PA9364 Performa P1 Nitro 3 Engine
Performa P1 Engines are developed by engine guru Adrien Bertin, who has 4 IFMAR World Championship titles, 2 as a driver and 2 as the CRF Engineer. Choosing CRF technology as a base, Adrien went back to the drawing board to make it even better! The P1 3 Port Engine combines excellent fuel efficiency and run time with the traditional aggressive bottom end and strong mid through top end of a 3 port design! It is a true, race worthy, 3 port engine design for Buggy and Truggy racers searching for a racing engine that makes them competitive every weekend! Adrien Bertin applies his special touch by personally tuning, preparing, and running-in each Performa P1 nitro engine.

ABI hand-made tuning and run-in available on the website! Note that everything is done by Adrien Bertin one by one, so delivery might take few days due to the time required to prepare the ABI tuned engines.

PA9365 Performa P1 Radical 3 Off-Road Engine
PA9366 Performa P1 Radical 7 Off-Road Engine

Performa P1 Radical Engines are developed by engine guru Adrien Bertin, who has 4 IFMAR World Championship titles, 2 as a driver and 2 as the CRF Engineer. Choosing CRF technology as a base, Adrien went back to the drawing board to make it even better! The Radical P1 3 Port Engine provides a smooth, linear power band with strong bottom through top end. Excellent run time makes them ideal for Buggy racers that like a smooth engine with power on tap at all times!

The Radical P1 7 Port Engine provides tremendous torque with exceptional top end. A linear power band makes them drivable despite the insane power of the 7 port design. They’re ideal for Buggy or Truggy racers that race on large track. Adrien Bertin applies his special touch by personally tuning, preparing, and running-in each Performa P1 nitro engine.

ABI hand-made tuning and run-in available on the website!
Note that everything is done by Adrien Bertin one by one, so delivery might take few days due to the time required to prepare the ABI tuned engines.

All availbale engines:
PA9364 Performa P1 Nitro 3 Engine EAN: 7630015793647
PA9365 Performa P1 Radical 3 Off-Road Engine EAN: 7630015793654
PA9366 Performa P1 Radical 7 Off-Road Engine EAN: 7630015793661